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📢 Don't miss out - enjoy $130 off solid wood tables when you spend $1,500 or more! 🌟
📢 Don't miss out - enjoy $130 off solid wood tables when you spend $1,500 or more! 🌟

Bespoke Wood Projects

From public benches to solid wood furniture for your establishments, we are dedicated to making your project ideas a reality!
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Exceptional solid wood projects crafted specially for you

We turn felled trees into wonderful solid wood products for various uses. Think anything from memorial wooden benches to bespoke coasters and chopping boards for your brand. We would love to hear about all your fascinating ideas and work with you to create something iconic from scratch.

Timber Actually has serviced projects for many industries, from hotel and food and beverage to government sectors. We work closely with our clients to craft exquisite pieces and collections best fit for their project requirements.

Imbue your projects with a touch of culture by opting for premium grade wood from our very own Singapore heritage trees (e.g. angsana, tembusu and raintree). These trees have dotted our island and lined our streets, and once they are felled for urban redevelopment, we breathe new life into them.

Upcycling felled heritage trees in Singapore

Upcycling felled heritage trees in Singapore

Many of our clients come to us with their own stock of logs as well, looking to upcycle them into charming projects. We cut, process, treat and assemble these salvaged logs at our local factory, depending on your specifications and needs.

Whether you have a project idea in mind or want to sustainably turn chopped trees into something meaningful, we are here to help. Collaborate with our expert team to tailor a remarkable project today! 

Our Process

1. Contact us

Drop us an enquiry to get started. Let us know any specifications you may have for the project (e.g. type of product, dimensions, wood treatment).

2. Send us your designs

Provide us with drawings or details of your designs. We will then be able to discuss the project requirements further.

3. Selection and sorting of tree logs

We will arrange for collection of your logs, or proceed to select from our stock. The most suitable logs will then be chosen before we begin woodworking.

4. Processing

Your logs will be debarked then sawed into sizes ideal for drying. The pieces will then be kiln or air dried to remove most of the moisture.

5. Treatment

We will then treat the wood depending on your needs. For example, you may opt for CCA treatment for wood preservation.

6. Fabrication

Our skilled carpenters will cut, craft and assemble the wood to create the final product. At this stage, we are able to apply coatings based on your needs.

Our Projects


Couldn't think of a better way to furnish my new home than including a few pieces of deforestation and conversion-free wood. Absolutely stunning products (beautiful, locally-sourced, great customer service from Cindy, prompt fabrication and delivery). Will definitely come back for more!

Rachel Koh

Ordered floating wall shelves from them online. Got the exact dimensions and material I wanted with brackets, and free delivery. Great customer service via WhatsApp. Highly recommend!

Elias Menon

I was looking for small quantities of wood for home craft projects, and Adha from Wood Yard was very accommodating in getting me the material. I've now had two deliveries, one raw plank and one cut and sanded. I've been very happy with both, and Adha has been helpful and pleasant throughout the process, which is especially important for a non-professional like me.

Erik Hagen

Went there to take a look at the table tops available - they were extremely beautiful! On top of that, Adha was super patient in explaining the various types of woods and their properties, and even showed us the effects of varnishes. His impressive attention to detail and friendliness was amazing - we decided to get a custom table and bench on the spot! We will be back for more. Thanks, Adha!

Lee Lin Ping