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Simplest way to get your timber

Discover a wide range of wood types and learn about our local trees here
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Getting your cut to size table table top and bench has just gotten easier

Select your wood type. Provide us with your required size. We deliver.
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Get your wood working tools here

Planer. Jigsaw. Orbital Sander. Sanding Pad. Rubber Maller. Chisel. Clamps. Oil Based varnish. Wood Glue. And More!
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An online lumber yard.

An online lumber yard.

Get your lumber and wood planks from Timber Actually. We offer wide range of wood types and services. Whether you are building a customized table top, looking for nice wood planks for your projects, we are here for you.

Read more about our story and how we process our local trees into beautiful planks and furniture!

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