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📢 Enjoy 50% OFF all DIY products + FREE Assembly! 🌟
📢 Enjoy 50% OFF all DIY products + FREE Assembly! 🌟

Sustainability Redefined

We transform and upcycle our local trees into premium-grade solid wood furniture for your home.
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Couldn't think of a better way to furnish my new home than including a few pieces of deforestation and conversion-free wood. Absolutely stunning products (beautiful, locally-sourced, great customer service from Cindy, prompt fabrication and delivery). Will definitely come back for more!

Rachel Koh

great shop went there to get wood and they have a huge selection of scrap wood. The scrap wood is good quality i got about 18 2’ by 7’ pieces for 22$. Super friendly and rly good shop vibe highly recommend. Scrap wood decent for quality for its price

Aurtur P

Wood Yard's staff painstakingly went through the fine details and unique dimensions of a few customed furniture pieces with me and i am very happy that the final products fitted 100% well into my house' unique layout!!! Highly likely to share the contact and even return for more!

Zhiye Teo

Bought African mahogany planks for the base of a wooden sofa frame. I'm glad that the planks can be customised for my requirements. it's a delightful experience that the staff is prompt in responding , making and delivery. Highly recommend.

Yee Ling Goh

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is local wood sustainable?

The trees in Singapore are only felled due to re-development or natural attrition. Most of the time, for every tree removed, at least 1 or more tree will be re-planted in another nearby location.

Isn't cutting trees unsustainable?

Without a processing facility, these materials are often processed into wood chips and mulch which are low value products. Instead of importing from unsustainable sources, Timber Actually process these materials into useful products to be used locally, making it a circular economy.

What is the difference between solid wood and plywood?

Plywood is an engineered product and made by gluing multiple layers of wood veneer. Whereas solid wood is obtain by directly cutting from the tree.

Plywood is available in panels of 2.4m x 1.2m for various thickness and grades. Each will be used for different purpose like carpentry, furniture or even crates. However, plywood often needs to be paired with face veneer or laminates to ensure it looks aesthetically pleasing.

Solid wood (in Singapore's context) is available only in limited sizes. People prefer solid wood in Singapore's weather as the durability and aesthetics are far better than plywood. Depending on design, solid wood are most of the time structurally stronger than plywood.

For more information, speak to our friendly assistants to find out which suits your purpose more!

Why choose local solid wood and not import from overseas?

There are 4 main reasons why choosing local wood can be the better option.

Sustainability: Choosing local wood can be more sustainable because it reduces the carbon footprint associated with transportation. Shipping wood overseas requires a lot of energy and contributes to greenhouse gas emissions. Local wood also supports local forestry management practices and the local economy.

Cost-effectiveness: Buying local wood can often be more cost-effective than importing wood from overseas. This is because the cost of transportation and handling can add up quickly, increasing the overall cost of the wood.

Quality: Wood that is sourced locally is often of higher quality because it is easier to ensure that it is harvested sustainably and that it meets local regulations and standards.

Transparency: When you buy local wood, it is easier to trace the source of the wood and ensure that it has been harvested legally and sustainably. With overseas wood, there is often a higher risk of illegal or unsustainable logging practices.

Do we have a processing facility in Singapore?

Yes, we do. Our factory location is at Sungei Kadut.

You may contact us on WhatsApp @ 8482 3346 to find out more.

I don't have credit card or google pay to make payment. Do you have any other payment methods?

WhatsApp us @ 8482 3346 for alternative payment methods like PayNow or Bank Transfer. Our friendly assistant will assist you.

Can I view and purchase products, or do a cash and carry?

To schedule an appointment, please contact us via Whatsapp @ 8482 3346

Business hours:
Monday to Friday: 9am - 5pm (strictly by appointment only)
Closed on Public Holidays
Factory location:
31 Sungei Kadut Street 4
Singapore 729055

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