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📢 Don't miss out - enjoy $130 off solid wood tables when you spend $1,500 or more! 🌟

Monitor Risers

Introducing Timber Actually's latest innovation in workspace optimisation: our sleek and practical monitor risers. Designed to elevate both your screen and your productivity, these risers offer a blend of durability and style that's sure to enhance any workspace.

With a focus on both aesthetic appeal and functional efficiency, our monitor risers boast a unique design characterised by their sturdy construction and modern elegance. Whether adorning expensive office desks or adding flair to compact home workstations, these risers effortlessly blend form and function, catering to the needs of today's dynamic professionals.

Explore our diverse range of monitor risers and discover the perfect solution to elevate your work experience!

  • Khaya Apex Monitor Riser - DIY Series

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    Introducing Timber Actually's Khaya Apex Monitor Riser, the epitome of elevated workspace functionality. Crafted with precision and passion, thi...

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Benefits of Using Monitor Risers

Elevating your monitor with a sturdy monitor riser offers numerous advantages beyond just aesthetics. 

  • Improved Ergonomics: Elevating your monitor to eye level reduces strain on your neck and back, promoting better posture and comfort during long work sessions.
  • Maximised Desk Space: Monitor risers create extra room underneath the screen, allowing for better organisation of your desk essentials and reducing clutter.
  • Enhanced Airflow: By lifting your monitor off the desk surface, risers improve airflow around your computer equipment, preventing overheating and potential damage to your devices.
  • Extended Device Lifespan: Better ventilation provided by monitor risers can help prolong the lifespan of your electronics, ensuring optimal performance over time.
  • Overall Comfort and Productivity: With ergonomic benefits and improved organisation, using monitor risers contributes to your overall comfort, health, and productivity in the workspace.

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