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📢 Don't miss out - enjoy $130 off solid wood tables when you spend $1,500 or more! 🌟
📢 Don't miss out - enjoy $130 off solid wood tables when you spend $1,500 or more! 🌟

Sanding Discs

Sanding discs are abrasive circular attachments used for sanding, smoothing and finishing surfaces like wood and metal. Our discs come with velcro backs, making them compatible for use with angle grinders, orbital sanders and drills with attached holders.

Browse and buy sanding discs of different grits online in Singapore at Timber Actually!

Universally compatible, non-slip sanding discs for premium polishes and finishes

Sanding discs are a familiar accessory in many woodworkers’ and DIY-ers’ toolboxes. Their uses differ based on the chosen grit (coarseness), for example:

  • P80 grit (coarse) – Suitable for removing deep scratches on hardwood and shallow scratches on metal
  • P120 grit (medium) – Suitable for shallow scratches on softwood
  • P180 grit (fine) – Suitable for smoothing irregularities in the grains of wood surfaces
  • P320 grit (ultra-fine) – Suitable for wet sanding and finishing wood

At Timber Actually, we offer multi purpose sanding discs in a wide range of grits to suit the needs of your next great project. These aluminium oxide abrasives are great for premium polishes, like when turning your wooden planks into a gorgeous wood shelf!

We offer universally compatible discs, suitable for use with most sanding and woodworking tools. They come in common sizes like 5 inches (125mm) and can be safely secured to a holder due to their strong hook and loop velcro backings.

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