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📢 Enjoy 50% OFF all DIY products + FREE Assembly! 🌟
📢 Enjoy 50% OFF all DIY products + FREE Assembly! 🌟

Shelving Unit

Shelving units can come in many designs from free standing to open and closed units. They are versatile and allow you to organise your home, beautify your shopfront, or add a little flair to your office. Keep clutter away with these shelving units for a neater and happier space.

Have a look at our shelving units to get organised!

  • Display Rack

    Original price $925.00 - Original price $1,580.00
    Original price
    $925.00 - $1,580.00
    $925.00 - $1,580.00
    Current price $925.00
    In stock

    Timber Actually's display rack is one of the most practical and versatile piece of furniture designed to organize and display various items in a st...

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  • Pine Cubic Shelf

    Original price $63.00 - Original price $63.00
    Original price
    $63.00 - $63.00
    Current price $63.00
    Out of stock

    This box shelving unit is made of the solid Pine boards. Cubic storage is an ingenious new solution for the modern home. One of the most practical ...

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Organise your belongings your way

With a shelving unit, you can organise your belongings such as your books or children’s toys, or display decorations for a homier feel. In the kitchen, these shelves can offer easy access to your spices, cookware and more.

You can also incorporate this furniture piece into the office – use it to display all your awards or important documents to lend credibility and ensure that you’re on top of your tasks.

At Timber Actually, our shelving units and floating shelves are sustainably made right here in Singapore. We use premium wood to offer you high-quality products made to last. Shop for quality wood shelves online with us today!

Frequently asked questions about shelving units

Is it cheaper to buy shelves or build them?

It is generally cheaper to make your own shelving units. Building your own shelf also allows you to customise the design according to your needs and preferences. However, you will need the necessary expertise to put it together, and it is important to make sure that the dimensions are right – any mistakes might become costly!

If you are buying a shelf, you can save yourself the time and hassle of putting it together. However, do remember to check for the quality of the workmanship. If it is not well made, the shelf may not provide the strength and durability needed to hold the weight of your items.

How do I make my shelves look elegant?

Here are some ways to make your shelves look elegant:

1. Curate the type of items you want on your shelf

Your shelf is a reflection of you and your tastes! Take your time to curate the items you’d like to see. Some items such as art pieces, plants and figurines will give your shelf and home a nice touch.

2. Take note of the weight of your items

Some of your belongings may be heavier. To ensure that the shelf is stable, it would be wise to place them on the lower levels so that the structure does not topple over.

3. Spread out the items

It may be tempting to put all your books on one shelf, but selecting items to complement one another makes your shelf look easy on the eyes. It also gives space for the items to breathe.