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Home Wall Shelves
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    Angsana Wood Shelf

    $56.70 - $102.30
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    Mahogany Wooden Wall Shelf

    $56.70 - $102.30

    Frequently asked questions

    Can you cut for me to a certain dimension? 

    Yes. We can cut the chosen planks to any dimensions within the size that you chose. Just choose the the option "Yes" on the cutting service dropdown box. 

    I cannot find the size that I want? What should I do

    Do contact us for help! We really happy to help you. You can reach us via WhatsApp at 84823346 or email : sales@timberactually.com.

    What are the differences between the finish? i.e Rough sawn, Sanded Smooth, Varnished.

    Rough Sawn : Minimal planing, straight out of our sawmill's bandsaw without any smooth sanding. You can expect some "splinters", surface cracks, warping, rough surface, edges not square. Sanded smooth : The planks will sanded smooth, run through the jointer for squareness. Planks will also be run through the planer for a flatter surface. Sanded to 320 Grit. Varnished : Planks will be applied with premium oil based varnish (usually OSMO) to enables wood surfaces to retain their natural character and beauty for longer

    What is Kiln Dried? Is it really necessary?

    Kiln-dried wood is wood that has been dried in an oven (kiln). With a kiln, you can control the environment such as temperature, humidity, and steam levels for a set period of time. Allowing you to dry wood to the desired moisture content faster than air-drying. Kiln drying is a standard practice in wood production mills and serves to efficiently bring green lumber moisture levels down to “workable” range–moisture content levels that will not end in the myriad of problems that can be caused by excess moisture levels in wood. These problems include warping and twisting in dimensional lumber, binding or kicking during machining, buckling or crowning in an installed wood floor, and adhesive failures in finished products. Moisture-related problems can cost millions of dollars in damages each year. Kiln drying is a first step in bringing all wood products to moisture content levels that will be subject to minimal moisture-related damage.

    Which wood is suitable for outdoor and has water resistant properties?

    Balau, Chengal and Tembusu are commonly used to construct planter boxes, decking or even trellis because of their density and resistant to insects/fungi attacks. 

    I really like the Khaya, can I use it for outdoor?

    Yes and No. Khaya is medium hardwood and resistant to termite attacks. Structurally, it can withstand Singapore's harsh weather but crack lines are bound to appear after prolonged exposure to the unforgiving weather. In addition, one should note that the timber should be used in area where water will automatically drain off by gravity and not constantly soaked in water. To ensure that it remains beautiful, constant care and maintenance/oiling is required as well!

    I am looking for planks that is more than 30cm wide and noticed that your website does not have it. What should I do?

    30cm wide planks (1 piece) are hard to come by as it is limited by the size of the trees that we harvest locally. These are only available only on certain months of the year and are priced differently. You can send us your enquiry via whatsapp or email!

    Do you do staining?

    No. We prefer to have natural oil varnishes applied onto the range of local wood that we have. Mahogany and Angsana are premium furniture grade materials with spectacularly artistic grains. With staining, the natural characteristics of the grains are diluted and will not bring out the best of the pieces that we have!

    How much is delivery?

    Minimum delivery charge is at $10 but we provide free delivery for purchases above $80. The more you buy, the more you save!

    Are all the wood planed?

    No. Rough sawn timber are not planed. The sanded smooth are considered semi-finished and planed before sanding them smooth. However, please allow for slight distortion in the wood as they are never perfectly flat.

    I would like to enquire if it’s possible to custom order a solid wooden board

    Yes. Do get ready a sketch with the required dimensions and send to us via Whatsapp or email!

    Can you smoothen the edges and round the corners so that they are not sharp?

    Yes. Do get ready a sketch with the required dimensions and send to us via whatsapp or email!

    What is the delivery lead time for your wood planks?

    3-5 working days for rough sawn timber 3-5 working days for sanded smooth timber 5-7 working days for varnished planks 

    Can you help me to drill the slot holes for my planks so that I can use it as wall shelves?

    Yes. Do get ready a sketch with the required dimensions and send to us via whatsapp or email!

    I am a beginner DIY, Wood Worker, Hobbyist, which wood should I get?

    Great question! We've compiled a list of the characteristics of each type of wood. You may click on the following link to read more about the wood types! Click Here!

    Can you do customize furniture?

    Yes, we can customize sizes and profile of the planks. Feel free to drop us a text with a sketch of what you require via whatsapp or email and our friendly advisors will reply!

    Do you offer warranty for your wood products?

    Yes. Warranty against termites for 1 year. Does not include wear and tear. 

    Do you do installations for wood plank shelves?

    No we don't. However, we can advise on the accessories required for your DIY installation! Feel free to whatsapp us and our friendly advisors will assist!