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📢 Enjoy 50% OFF all DIY products + FREE Assembly! 🌟
📢 Enjoy 50% OFF all DIY products + FREE Assembly! 🌟

Zen Series Coasters

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Introducing our Zen Series Coasters, meticulously crafted to bring tranquility to your home. Unlike typical wooden coasters, our collection strikes the perfect balance between beauty and functionality. Each coaster is inspired by Japan's Zen Culture, featuring geometric patterns that reflect simplicity and interconnectedness.

Crafted from our local wood, these coasters carry a piece of nature itself, reminding you of the peace and serenity found in the natural world. Elevate your table decor with our Zen Series Coasters and embrace the beauty of Zen aesthetics.


  • Uroko: means scales in Japanese, symbolising protection and luck.
  • Seigaiha: means blue ocean waves, signifying luck, power, and resilience.
  • Karakusa: inspired by growing stems and vines, symbolising longevity and prosperity.
  • Kikkō: represents a tortoiseshell, representing longevity, good fortune, strength, and solidity.
  • Shippou: refers to the seven treasures of Buddhism, symbolising good omens, harmony, and good relationships.
  • Kumo: means clouds in Japanese, symbolising hope, change, and connection with Japanese gods.
  • Tatewaku: represents rising steam, symbolising rising fortune, strength to overcome events, and spiritual elevation.
  • Kanoko: translates to fawn in Japanese, similar to fawn fur, symbolising prosperity of offspring and vitality.


  • Diameter: 103mm 
  • Thickness: 12mm

Disclaimer: As each tree log is unique despite being of the same species, there may be variations in colour, tones and grain on each individual piece or among the products. Please be advised that exchanges are not allowed due to the natural variations in colour.