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Wood Coasters X Infinity Loop

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Dimensions : 10mm X 100mm diameter

A coaster that's truly a work of art. Each coaster is carved from a single piece of timber, making it a great decoration for your table. The beautiful natural curves and grain patterns in each coaster gives it a luxurious look and feel. So whether you're looking for the perfect housewarming gift, or just want to add some aesthetic charm to your home, this refined drink coaster will be sure to do the trick!

For the eco-warrior in your life, why not give them a coaster that has been made from all-natural solid timber? These wooden coasters are smooth and beautiful and would fit in any home. The coaster is a circular shape with a cutout for cups, mugs or bottles. These coasters have an infinity loop cutout design that's sure to catch the eyes of your friends and family.

Made from real timber trees, our wooden coaster is a piece of art. It's perfect for any housewarming gifts, wedding gifts, and corporate gifts as it's both stylish and personalized. Our coasters make for great collectible pieces and also make a wonderful gift idea for the home.

This coaster is made out of reclaimed wood. It's hand cut and hand finished. This coaster set is perfect for a gift, or just to add to your own collection. Drink on me!

Shop for cute and simple wooden coasters that can be personalized with your own design. We have a variety of coaster styles that you can choose from, including ones with infinity loops! Each one comes with a personalized message on the back, so you can give it to friends or family members who are special to you. They will definitely treasure your gift for years to come!