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Wooden Trivet Serving Board

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Dimensions : 20mm X 300mm diameter

Whether you’re cooking up a pot of chili or just putting a candle on your table, the Solid Wood Trivet is the perfect tool to protect your kitchen surfaces. Each trivet is made from locally found, salvaged wood. Natural pressure marks and cracks add to its character and make each trivet unique. Placing hot pots and pans on these beautiful wooden trivets will not only protect your counters, but it will also create an attractive look in your home.

Handcrafted solid wood trivets designed to protect your table top from hot pots and pans while enhancing the look of any kitchen. Withstand the extreme temperatures of direct heat, these beautiful hot pads are a handsome addition to any countertop while protecting the life of your tabletop. 

We've been working hard to make a beautiful, solid wood trivet that is as easy on the eyes as it is on the table. With the collection of trivets you can enjoy a variety of textures and shapes that work in harmony with any table setting. They are all perfectly weighted for your cutting boards, pots and pans and can even be used in place of waffle irons for an extra crispy finish. We encourage all our customers to use their imagination!