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Rubber Mallet

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Double Faced Solid Rubber Head: Provides soften strikes for Woodworking, from door and window repair, construction, repairing furniture, carpentry and many other home uses, Soft Blow Tasks without Damage,
Extra Long Bi-Color Fiber Glass Handle with RUBBER Handle Grips: To make your tasks and projects less tiring and requiring minimum energy. Non Slippery, easy to carry and suitable for home use and outdoor use and picnic tent stakes for camping.
Durable Rubber Mallet Hammer: Made with high quality and heavy duty rubber with extra strength fiberglass and Hard rubberized grip, Head weight: 8oz or 220g, Head diameter: 45mm, comes with black and yellow color handle.
Reduced Force on Hand: This double headed rubber hammer are produced with an anti vibration technology that decreases force and shock over hands, which makes work more comfortable and less tiring,