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📢 Enjoy 50% OFF all DIY products + FREE Assembly! 🌟

Chengal Wood Planks

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Chengal - Neobalanocarpus heimii 

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Small pin-holes, caused by ambrosia beetles boring into the living trees, are a common and characteristic defect of Chengal. These small holes are often numerous, but although unsightly, they are only in exceptional cases sufficiently numerous to impair the strength of the timber. These ambrosia beetles die when the timber is seasoned and thus the damage is restricted almost entirely to that which occurs in the green timber.

Due to its excellent water resistant properties, the Chengal wood is suitable for outdoor solid wood decking, garden planter box and outdoor solid wood bench and table.

Sawn, Planed, Kiln Dried
Common Names: 

Chan Ta Khien, Chi-ngamat, Takian Chan and Takian Chantamaeo
The sapwood is light yellow and sharply defined from the heartwood, which is light yellow-brown with a distinct green tinge, darkening on exposure to dark purple-brown or rust-red

Texture is fine and even

Shallowly to deeply interlocked grain

Naturally durable and is normally very resistant to termite attack and fungal infestation, (915-980 kg/m3)
Common Uses: 
Heavy construction, railway sleepers, heavy-duty furniture, marine construction, boat building, mallets, flooring, decking, staircase, carving works


Disclaimer: As each tree log is unique despite being of the same species, there may be variations in colour, tones and grain on each individual piece or among the products. Please be advised that exchanges are not allowed due to the natural variations in colour.