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Save up to $130 on orders over $1,000 (for solid wood table tops only)
Up to $130 off for solid wood tables

Wooden Slab

Wooden slabs are versatile and boast a natural, rustic look. Our upcycled solid wood or joint piece slabs make for great tables, countertops and decorative accents. Pick out your dream piece now!

  • Singapore "Butcher Block" Table Top

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    Made by selecting the best hardwood trees in the region and putting them together. Customized to fit your space. Let us build your customized solid...

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Customising a one-of-a-kind piece for your home

At Timber Actually, we pride ourselves in creating sustainable wood products from felled trees in Singapore. Once the logs are processed at our local plant, we get to work turning gorgeous slabs and planks into premium wood furniture.

Our slabs come from trees that can be found right in our backyard, like the angsana and rain tree species. The best part about turning a wood slab into a piece of furniture is that each slab is unique. You can decide on the thickness, length, and other additional accents you would like your end product to have, and we will do our best to help you achieve your dream.

Solid wood slabs are becoming increasingly popular as a statement piece for homes. If you are thinking of customising your own dining table or bench, browse our wooden slab collection and drop us a message on Whatsapp to enquire more!