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Save up to $130 on orders over $1,000 (for solid wood table tops only)
Up to $130 off for solid wood tables

Wood Study Table

Customise a wood study table in Singapore for your home study room or office area with Timber Actually. The warm, natural look of solid furniture wood can have a calming, stress-relieving effect on the psyche, great for long hours of work. Shop durable, timeless designs online right here!

  • Singapore "Butcher Block" Table Top

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    Made by selecting the best hardwood trees in the region and putting them together. Customized to fit your space. Let us build your customized solid...

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Feel the stress-relieving effect of natural solid wood in your workspace

We offer wood study tables in Singapore made from some of the best solid wooden slabs for office wooden tables. Choose a sturdy, locally-sourced hardwood with a colour and grain you prefer, like:

  • Angsana – light yellow to golden brown colour, with an interlocked, sometimes wavy grain
  • Raintree – walnut to dark chocolate brown colour, with an interlocked grain
  • African mahogany – pink brown to dark brown colour, with an interlocked grain

Our softwood options like pine are reliably hardy as well, sporting a white or pale yellow colour and straight grains.

With ageless and lasting designs at affordable prices, these office desks can remain usable and stylish for many years. Complete the set with a long-lasting wooden stool, chair or bench.

At Timber Actually, you get to customise the thickness, width and length of your tabletop to best fit your study or work space.

Browse our wood study tables available in Singapore for online purchase today!