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📢 Enjoy 50% OFF all DIY products + FREE Assembly! 🌟
📢 Enjoy 50% OFF all DIY products + FREE Assembly! 🌟

Wood Shelf

A typical wood shelf is a horizontal board fixed onto walls via strong brackets. It can be used to display books, ornaments and decorative items.

At Timber Actually, our wood shelf collection consists of exquisite solid wooden boards and planks that are stylish, durable and sustainably-made in Singapore. Purchase our various designs below!

  • Pine Cubic Shelf

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    This box shelving unit is made of the solid Pine boards. Cubic storage is an ingenious new solution for the modern home. One of the most practical ...

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Quality wood shelves, sustainably made

Our custom-made solid wood shelves allow you to fully explore your creative shelving ideas. With Timber Actually, you decide on the thickness, depth and length of your wooden planks.

Need brackets? We have many options from rustic to concealed ones to achieve the floating look. Want to choose from woods of different colours, textures and grains? We have those too.

Our collection features a range of high-grade hardwoods and softwoods ideal for supporting the weight of your items for years, with proper upkeep. We offer a variety of special local heritage wood options like angsana and rain tree. Our nine wood blend (including mahogany, tembusu, durian) is a headturner, with a unique look and story to tell.

Whether you want to DIY your floating shelf or get a shelving unit installed, we have you covered. Browse Timber Actually’s wood shelf collection here!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the weight that the floating shelf can hold?

200mm depth shelves:
With 2 brackets, it can take up to 15kg excluding the weight of the shelf.
With 3 brackets, it can take up to 20kg excluding the weight of the shelf.
250mm depth shelves:
With 2 brackets, it can take up to 12kg excluding the weight of the shelf.
With 3 brackets, it can take up to 15kg excluding the weight of the shelf.

Why are there only 2 widths? Can I do something wider or narrower or to the size I want?

For wall mount shelves, the maximum we recommend will be 250mm for most types of brackets. It is still possible to have 300mm planks for these shelves, but we would recommend customers to purchase the brackets with guarantee from the seller that it would work. We're then able to pre-drill for customers to get it installed by their carpenters.

Do I have to apply oil on them regularly for maintenance?

For high traffic areas, regular maintenance is recommended to be between 4-6 months. If only for display, once in a few years will be fine.

Why can't I choose anything more than 1m length?

The ex-stock shelves are available in 600mm, 800mm and 1000mm length. For anything more than 1000mm, it is available by customization.

However, we recommend shelves only up to 1500m if they are not secured on both ends. WhatsApp us at 84823346 to customize any dimensions that's not available on the website!

Where do I purchase the oil required for maintenance?

You can purchase it from our online store.