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Tembusu - A Heritage tree.

Standard Name: TEMBUSU (Heavy Hardwood)

Family: Loganiaceae

Botanica Name: Fragraea fragrans, F. gigantea and F. elliptica

Distribution: Found in mountain forests, lowland dipterocarp forest, hillsides and some swampy areas

Grown and Harvested in Singapore: Heritage tree, felled mainly due to redevelopment or due to diseases in trees

General description: Sapwood is usually not well-defined from the heartwood, which is light yellow-brown, darkening on exposure to deep golden or orange-brown.

Grain: Usually straight to slightly wavy

Texture: Fine and even

Common Uses: Suitable for heavy construction, bridges, wharves, heavy-duty flooring, parquet flooring, heavy-duty furniture, butchers’ block



Our recommendation: Tembusu is rarely felled locally and hence rarely found in sawmills of Singapore. Known for its hardness, Tembusu is commonly used as chopping boards and timber decking locally.

Due to lack of competition for sunlight, the Tembusu grown locally are seldom straight enough for large, straight planks to be harvested. Normally 200mm – 300mm width will be rare while sizes like 95mm x 20mm cross-sectional areas should easily be available.

These materials are generally good for outdoor decking or even timber cladding, which can last on average between 5-10 years with proper upkeep (without chemical treatment).


Common sizes available:

95mm x 20mm x 3ft – 6ft

300mm diameter x 40mm thickness (round slab)

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