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Tembusu Chopping Board

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Dimensions : 30mm X 230mm X 370mm

Chopping boards are usually made of plastic or synthetic materials. There are not many people who know that chopping boards can also be made out of natural materials like timber. Chopping board made from timber is an eco-friendly alternative to plastic chopping boards, and it is just as sturdy and hardy. You can even use it to chop meat if you want – it’s that tough!

Tembusu boards are made from the wood of Tembusu trees, which are native to Singapore. Each board has a unique grain pattern, and will age differently over time as it is exposed to different elements. These chopping boards will last you a lifetime.

This chopping board is made from Tembusu, one of the most sturdy trees in Singapore. It is a fully natural product that is resistant to heat, water and warping. It will not split, crack or peel like other wood chopping boards. Perfect for cutting and chopping meat and vegetables, you can be assured that this chopping board will last for years to come.

Tembusu Chopping Board is 100% handmade and made from natural Tembusu. The chopping board has been treated with mineral oil and gives it a smooth finish that not only looks good but also makes the chopping board easy to clean.

Our chopping boards are beautiful, practical and durable. Made from the timber of local trees, they display the natural grains and colours of each piece. Be proud of your Timber Actually Chopping Board!