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Bridge Spirit Level

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400mm Bridge Spirit Level

400mm Bridge Spirit Level TOLSEN 35060 uses water balance to give angle parameters to measure, check the quality of your wood working.
✅The ruler helps you measure accurately on a flat surface.
Compact design, easy to carry in your pocket and easy to store.

✅ Tolsen 35060 40cm water ruler is made from high-grade hard steel alloy with high durability, no deformation in all extreme weather, with a durable, sturdy aluminum frame structure.
Aluminum material is anti-rust, anti-corrosion and good bearing capacity, stable operation even in harsh working environment conditions, for a long time of use.

✅ The ruler has 2 vertical and horizontal water foam tubes, which can measure angle tilt with 0.1 precision on vertical or horizontal surface and 0.2 degrees accuracy at angle Different degree.