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📢 Enjoy 50% OFF all DIY products + FREE Assembly! 🌟
📢 Enjoy 50% OFF all DIY products + FREE Assembly! 🌟

25mm Wood Chisel

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The Tolsen 25mm Wood Chisel is crafted from premium CrV material, ensuring exceptional durability and performance. Its robust metal construction withstands demanding working conditions, making it a reliable tool for various projects.

Designed for safety and precision, the chisel features a two-component plastic handle that offers a comfortable, non-slip grip for enhanced control. The sharp cutting edge guarantees high accuracy for intricate chiseling, carving, and engraving tasks.

This anti-rust chisel is built to resist harsh environments, ensuring long-term reliability. The compact design and durable construction make it suitable for many industries, providing a dependable solution for professional and DIY woodworking needs.


  • Two-component, non-slip plastic handle
  • Sturdy, durable metal material
  • Compact and safe design
  • Anti-rust and resistant to harsh working conditions
  • Ideal for chiseling, carving, and engraving in various industries


Brand: Tolsen
Model: 25071
Size: 25mm