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12" Quick Ratchet Bar Clamp for Wood Working

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This clamp is really great! The jaws can be inverted to be used as a spreader. Particularly, the easy ratchet design, makes clamping quick and so easy. Plus, the quick-release button makes moving the ratcheting part up and down a snap. In clamp mode, the clamp will open to 12 inches. Get it as your tool!


Can be used as a spreader or as a clamp tool
Durable plastic PVC clamp body
Steel bar covered by the black finish for steel protection
Soft non-marking Nylon PVC pads
Ratchet design for one-hand operation

Brand: Tolsen
Model: 10204
Length: 12 inches or 300mm
Maximum jaw opening: 11¾in or 300mm
Spreader mode from/to: 5.5in to 18in or 14cm to 45.5cm
Weight: 22oz or 628g
Package includes: