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African Mahogany Wood Planks


African Mahogany - Khaya Nyasica Species 

Singapore local wood. The place where you buy African Mahogany wood planks in Singapore. 

Khaya Nyasica is native to Tropical Africa and was introduced to Singapore in the late 1970s. The sapwood is yellowish-brown. The heartwood is pink when freshly sawn. Through exposure, it will turn into pink-brown or dark brown. Khaya has pretty interlocked grains. The African Mahogany is suitable for furniture and cabinet work due to its high quality. 

The African Mahogany is really suitable for wood cutting boards and serving boards. It can also be used as your wooden wall shelf. If you are looking to customize or build your own wood table, the Khaya (African Mahogany) is also a good choice. It will make into an elegant, reddish brown wooden dining table or coffee table.

If you are a carpenter or a wood worker, the Khaya wood planks will allow you to create amazing products.

Singapore Local Trees
Sawn, Planed, Kiln Dried
Common Names:  Khaya, African Mahogany

Pink brown to dark brown
Texture:  Moderately Coarse
Grain:  Interlocked
Durability:  Moderately Durable (550 - 850kg/m3)
Common Uses: 

Furniture, cabinet, shelves, planking, and constructions