📢 Enjoy 50% OFF all DIY products + FREE Assembly! 🌟
📢 Enjoy 50% OFF all DIY products + FREE Assembly! 🌟

Dinnerware & Tableware

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Dinnerware and Tableware

Check out our exclusive collection of wooden dinnerware and tableware in Singapore, where elegance meets functionality. 

Whether you’re hosting a sophisticated dinner party or enjoying a casual family meal, our curated selection ensures every meal is a memorable one. Explore our stylish tableware and functional kitchenware to effortlessly achieve a modern living space, and find the perfect housewarming gift from our tastefully designed collection.

Types of Dinnerware and Tableware Available at Timber Actually 

We have a wide range of products available for all your cooking and plating needs. Here are some of the types of tableware and kitchenware available:

Frequently Asked Questions?

Why is local wood sustainable?

The trees in Singapore are only felled due to re-development or natural attrition. Most of the time, for every tree removed, at least 1 or more tree will be re-planted in another nearby location.

Isn't cutting trees unsustainable?

Without a processing facility, these materials are often processed into wood chips and mulch which are low value products. Instead of importing from unsustainable sources, Timber Actually process these materials into useful products to be used locally, making it a circular economy.

What is the difference between solid wood and plywood?

Plywood is an engineered product and made by gluing multiple layers of wood veneer. Whereas solid wood is obtain by directly cutting from the tree.

Plywood is available in panels of 2.4m x 1.2m for various thickness and grades. Each will be used for different purpose like carpentry, furniture or even crates. However, plywood often needs to be paired with face veneer or laminates to ensure it looks aesthetically pleasing.

Solid wood (in Singapore's context) is available only in limited sizes. People prefer solid wood in Singapore's weather as the durability and aesthetics are far better than plywood. Depending on design, solid wood are most of the time structurally stronger than plywood.

For more information, speak to our friendly assistants to find out which suits your purpose more!

Why choose local solid wood and not import from overseas?

There are 4 main reasons why choosing local wood can be the better option.

Sustainability: Choosing local wood can be more sustainable because it reduces the carbon footprint associated with transportation. Shipping wood overseas requires a lot of energy and contributes to greenhouse gas emissions. Local wood also supports local forestry management practices and the local economy.

Cost-effectiveness: Buying local wood can often be more cost-effective than importing wood from overseas. This is because the cost of transportation and handling can add up quickly, increasing the overall cost of the wood.

Quality: Wood that is sourced locally is often of higher quality because it is easier to ensure that it is harvested sustainably and that it meets local regulations and standards.

Transparency: When you buy local wood, it is easier to trace the source of the wood and ensure that it has been harvested legally and sustainably. With overseas wood, there is often a higher risk of illegal or unsustainable logging practices.

Do we have a processing facility in Singapore?

Yes, we do. Our factory location is at Sungei Kadut.

You may contact us on Whatsapp @ 8482 3346 to find out more.

I don't have credit card or google pay to make payment. Do you have any other payment methods?

WhatsApp us @ 8482 3346 for alternative payment methods like PayNow or Bank Transfer. Our friendly assistant will assist you.

Can I view and purchase products, or do a cash and carry?

To schedule an appointment, please contact us via WhatsApp @ 8482 3346.

Business hours:
Monday to Friday: 9am - 5pm (strictly by appointment only)
Closed on Public Holidays

Factory location:
31 Sungei Kadut Street 4
Singapore 729055

Boards & Planks

What is the difference between wood planks and wood boards?

Wood planks are single-piece wood cut to size from bigger pieces of lumber while wood boards are normally panels joined together by 50mm width strips of standard thickness 20mm.

These wood boards are butt joined together with just glue.

Why can't I select the thickness for the wood boards?

Wood boards are fabricated in big volumes with standard thicknesses of 20mm and widths of 600mm.

Why is the maximum width only 600mm?

It is not recommended to have these boards wider than 600mm as they are more susceptible to distortion.

There are some fixed size and custom size. What is the difference?

Fixed size materials are commonly used materials which are prepared in bigger volume. These fixed size materials are usually much cheaper than the custom cut materials.

Custom cut sizes are usually prepared by cutting the size you require from bigger materials, hence the higher cost of preparation and material wastages.

Can you cut to the dimension I need?

Yes, we are able to cut to the exact size you need with some tolerance.
Length and width tolerance +/- 3mm
Thickness tolerance +/- 2mm

I'm trying to find 10mm wood but can't find any. Do you do it in thin and long pieces?

Solid wood, unlike plywood, is subjected to distortion much more than any other man-made materials. The inconsistent density of natural materials will be very obvious for thinner materials. Hence, we recommend no less than 15mm to reduce the amount of distortion at the point of delivery of the lumber.

Are the wood dried?

Yes, all our materials are dried in our in-house kiln-dryer to below 14% moisture content before we even start fabrication.

Why will it warp when it is dried?

Warping is partly caused by moisture and also partly caused by the way the log is cut. To prevent distortion, large mills process the wood in quarter sawn. In Timber Actually, due to the nature of local trees, quarter-sawn lumber is seldom available due to its high cost of processing methodology.

I cannot find the size I want. What should I do?

It is likely the size that you require is not commonly available i.e. wider or longer than our ex-stock size. Not to worry, you can still contact us via our WhatsApp line at 8482 3346 to enquire about the special sizes you need.

What is the difference between the finishes - planed, sand smooth, and oil finish?

Planing in our process is to get the wood down to required thickness.

If sanding smooth is chosen, we'll smoothen out the piece of lumber to 320 grits.

Oil finished - It will be applied with OSMO/RUBIO equivalent colorless oil finish.

***In the event that the lumber is required to be put through a jointer, please contact our friendly store assistant via WhatsApp at 8482 3346. There will be a slight additional cost to this process.

Do you offer warranty to your wood products?

We offer a 1-to-1 exchange for all our wood products against structural defects and termite attacks. Terms and conditions apply**.

**Material needs to be kept dry or indoors unless otherwise indicated.

Wood Countertops

Do I have to apply oil on them regularly for maintenance?

For high-traffic areas, regular maintenance is recommended to be between 4-6 months. If only for display, once in a few years will be fine.

Where do I purchase the oil required for maintenance?

You can purchase it from our online store.

Wooden Planks

Can you cut it for me to a certain dimension?

Yes. We can cut the chosen planks to any dimension within the limit of the planks. You would have to select the custom planks product.

If you cannot find the size you want do contact us for help! You can reach us via WhatsApp at 8482 3346 or email us at sales@timberactually.com

Do you offer a warranty for your wood products?

Yes, we do! Warranty against termites for 1 year. The warranty does not include wear and tear.

I am looking for planks that are more than 300mm (30cm) wide and I noticed that your website does not have them. What should I do?

Single pieces of 300mm (30cm) wide planks are hard to come by as we are limited by the size of the trees that are harvested locally. These are only available in certain months of the year and are priced differently. You can send us your inquiry via WhatsApp or email.

What are the differences between the finish?

Planed: For planed finish, the planks are run through the planer on both sides to get an even thickness across the length. You can expect some "splinters", surface cracks, slight warping, rough surface, edges that are not square on the planks.

Sanded smooth: The planks will be sanded smooth and run through the jointer for squareness. The planks are sanded to a 320 grit finish.

Oil finish: The planks will undergo smoothing through sanding, followed by the application of a premium oil to preserve the inherent charm and beauty of the natural wood surfaces.

I am a beginner DIY, woodworker, and hobbyist. Which wood should I get?

African Mahogany, Angsana, Raintree, and Pine is good for indoor furniture, general use, kitchen, shelving, toys, etc. Apart from the Pine (a softwood), they are also good for purposes such as cutting boards, cheese boards, and serving boards. These wood are easy to work with.

Balau, Chengal and Tembusu are hard wood. They are good for outdoor use. These are used for planters, outdoor furniture, decking, etc. The Tembusu is also good for making chopping boards.

Wooden Shelves

What is the weight that the floating shelf can hold?

200mm depth shelves:
With 2 brackets, it can take up to 15kg excluding the weight of the shelf.
With 3 brackets, it can take up to 20kg excluding the weight of the shelf.
250mm depth shelves:
With 2 brackets, it can take up to 12kg excluding the weight of the shelf.
With 3 brackets, it can take up to 15kg excluding the weight of the shelf.

Why are there only 2 widths?
Can I do something wider or narrower or to the size I want?

For wall mount shelves, the maximum we recommend will be 250mm for most types of brackets. It is still possible to have 300mm planks for these shelves, but we would recommend customers to purchase the brackets with guarantee from the seller that it would work. We're then able to pre-drill for customers to get it installed by their carpenters.

Do I have to apply oil on them regularly for maintenance?

For high traffic areas, regular maintenance is recommended to be between 4-6 months. If only for display, once in a few years will be fine.

Why can't I choose anything more than 1m length?

The ex-stock shelves are available in 600mm, 800mm and 1000mm length. For anything more than 1000mm, it is available by customization.

However, we recommend shelves only up to 1500m if they are not secured on both ends. WhatsApp us at 8482 3346 to customize any dimensions that's not available on the website!

Where do I purchase the oil required for maintenance?

You can purchase it from our online store.

Wooden Tables

Are the tables that are available for selection single piece solid wood or joint pieces?

The customized size selection available are all in joint pieces as we build these tables from smaller planks to the size required.

I want a single piece solid wood. Can I have that with the size I want?

Single pieces of solid wood are rare to come by and might be available from time to time. Whatsapp our friendly assistant to find out if there's any stock available!

Are there any cost differences between the ones I selected between joint pieces and single pieces?

Single pieces generally range between 20-30% more expensive than the joint pieces you have selected on the website. This is just a guide, but it also depends on the availability and the wastage from each piece that we will cut from.

I have my own preference for the edge profiles of the tables.
Can you do it?

The standard edge profile for all tables will be a 5mm radius round so that it is comfortable for users to rest their hands on.

However, if you do have a profile that you wish to have, do send us a sketch via WhatsApp at 84823346 to enquire more about the additional cost for these profiles.

What is the height of the tables?

The standard finishing height of the metal/wooden frames is 700mm and the finishing height depends on the final thickness of the solid wood top that is chosen (either 30, 40, or 50mm).

Can you customize it to the height I want?

Customization of height is possible but with a longer lead time and slightly higher cost.

I don't really like the standard U-shape metal legs that you have. Do you have other designs?

We do not stock any other designs at the moment. However, if you have any metal legs design in mind, don’t hesitate to send us a sketch of it for customization works!

Do I have to apply oil on them regularly for maintenance?

For high-traffic areas, regular maintenance is recommended to be between 4-6 months. For it to last longer, owners may also wish to oil it more regularly.

Where do I purchase the oil required for maintenance?

You can purchase it from our online store. 20ml is good enough for a surface of 1.5m x 1m