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Wall shelves are a perfect way to spice up your interior design, while simultaneously decluttering. We have a selection of wood wall shelves, and floating wall shelves that are unique, entirely stylish and will showcase your collection in its best light. 

Explore our unique local series wooden wall shelves. These are made from our local trees. We design, craft and curate beautiful wood shelves.  

1. Angsana Wall Shelf

angsana wood is prized for its gorgeous, bright golden-yellow and reddish-brown tones. It's soft and easy to cut, yet very durable when polished. Angsana is very popular in Southeast Asia as a shade tree, so it's also known for its pleasant fragrance when you work with it. 

2. African Mahogany Wall Shelf

Commonly referred to as African Mahogany, Khaya Senegalensis is a hardwood with deep reddish hues. It’s a native tree that was introduced in the late 1970s and has since become one of Singapore’s favourite roadside trees.

3. Raintree Wall Shelf

Raintree is a robust, sturdy hardwood with a rich, light to dark chocolate heartwood and a variety of patterns within each slab. Raintree gives a distinct elegance to any home. Bring it into yours with our custom made furniture that's designed to last a lifetime.

4. Nine Shelf

The Nine Shelf is made up of many different wood planks of various trees. We call it our Singapore Special because you can find a mixture of wood from the following Singapore Trees such as the Khaya, Narra, Tembusu, Durian, Rambutan, Jack Fruit, and Sea Apple.  

A brief look at how our wall shelves can transform your space

Made from locally grown trees.