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Rain Tree Wood Planks

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Rain Tree - Samanea saman Species 

Singapore local wood. The place where you buy Rain Tree wood planks in Singapore. 

The Rain Tree (Samanea saman) is easily recognised by its massive umbrella-shaped, widely-spreading crown which can reach 20 to 30m across. It has small clusters of flowers that are pinkish or whitish and are slightly fragrant.
Its seed pods are thick, long, straight and fleshy inside. The pods ripen black and the seeds germinate readily into seedlings, sometimes while still inside the fruit. Its sweet fruit pulp is relished by cattle, goats, horses, pigs and even children in some countries. Epiphytes like ferns and orchids tend to perch on old Rain Trees.
The Rain Tree originates from Tropical America. It was introduced to Singapore in 1876, and by the mid-1900s, it was planted throughout the tropics.

Singapore Local Trees
Sawn, Planed, Kiln Dried
Common Names:  Rain Tree
Walnut to dark chocolate brown which turns a light to golden brown with cream-coloured sap
Texture:  Moderately Coarse
Grain:  Interlocked
Durability:  Moderately Durable (550 - 700kg/m3)
Common Uses: 

Furniture, cabinet, shelves, planking, and carving