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Wood Yard's Story

Inspired to make better use of the trees in Singapore, Wood Yard ventures into solid timber furniture by knocking on the doors of Singapore sawmills. Determined to ensure the sources are sustainable, only locally harvested trees are sourced, sawn, cured and finished.

Having experienced and industrial leaders supporting our team, there is no question that quality can be obtained with affordable pricing.

Getting quality yet affordable solid wood products have never been easy. Every year, thousands of trees are removed from the roads of Singapore due to redevelopment or natural attrition. We aim to transform all these quality timber into our customers' spaces.

We want more people to enjoy the beauty of solid wood without breaking the bank "

Wood planks

Wood Yard is a supplier of wood planks made from local trees. We love our local trees and hope to transform or offer the local timber to our customers for further use. 

eco-friendly set-up

Our woods are processed and finished in an eco-friendly set-up. Some of our Kiln drying room are powered by wood fuel and others are powered by electric. Wood Yard is hoping to move towards using 100% sustainable wood fuel for our kiln drying room.

lasting a lifetime

Bottomline is, Wood Yard wants to produce high quality solid wood planks and timber that are affordable for everyone to enjoy. We believe that with proper care and maintenance, our products can last you a lifetime.

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