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Getting a countertop for your kitchen is exciting especially with all the different materials available. With our wooden countertop for you to explore, here to one more happy problem. 
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We make kitchen countertop from local trees.

Ok lets just get down to it. Why even consider wooden kitchen countertop. 

1. Natural materials, sourced locally (sustainable source)
2. Beautiful, unique, just gorgeous. 
3. Warm to the touch. 
4. Long lifespan, can be maintained and repaired easily. 
5. Can prepare food directly on the countertop.
6. Easy to install and easy to clean. 

So, speak to us for a quote! We are delighted to share our passion with you. 

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Call us / Whatsapp : 84823346

A quick look on some of the kitchen with wood countertop

They are beautiful, aren't they. 

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Solid wood countertop