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Up to $130 off for solid wood tables

Wooden Planks

Wooden planks, also known as lumber or timber, are pieces of wood typically block-sawn and resawn from logs. These versatile slabs can be used for walls, floors and ceilings or remade into other wooden products.

Timber Actually carries locally-sourced wood like angsana, tembusu and mahogany, and imported woods such as pine and chengal. Shop online here for quality solid wooden planks in Singapore!

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Hardy solid wooden planks for your home or woodworking projects

Wooden planks can be put to practical use – they can be installed on walls as a wood shelf or used for carpentry and decking. These planks can also be used to beautify a space, like creating wooden panels or grilles for feature walls and ceilings.

They differ from wooden boards, which are typically wider, thinner and more suitable for making larger products such as wooden tables.

Our planks are available in an array of:

  • Finishes – Choose between planed planks (ready-to-use for shelving or decor) and rough sawn pieces (for DIY and carpentry projects)
  • Sizes – Browse through fixed sizes or customise your ideal thickness, width and length
  • Wood types – Opt for durable hardwood or softwood in a myriad of rustic colours and textures

We offer a wide selection of premium-grade solid wooden planks for sale to meet your needs and preferences. Purchase hardy pieces from Timber Actually today!

Frequently asked questions

Can you cut for me to a certain dimension?

Yes. We can cut the chosen planks to any dimension within the limit of the planks. You would have to select the custom planks product. 

If you cannot find the size you want do contact us for help! You can reach us via Whatsapp at 8482 3346 or email us at

Do you offer warranty for your wood products?

Yes, we do! Warranty against termites for 1 year. The warranty does not include wear and tear. 

I am looking for planks that are more than 300mm (30cm) wide and I noticed that your website does not have it. What should I do?

Single pieces of 300mm (30cm) wide planks are hard to come by as we are limited by the size of the trees that are harvested locally. These are only available on certain months of the year and are priced differently. You can send us your enquiry via WhatsApp or email. 

What are the differences between the finish?

Planed: For planed finish, the planks are run through the planer on both sides to get an even thickness across the length. You can expect some "splinters", surface cracks, slight warping, rough surface, edges that are not square on the planks.

Sanded smooth: The planks will be sanded smooth and run through the jointer for squareness. The planks are sanded to a 320 grit finish.

Varnish: The planks will be sanded smooth and applied with a premium oil-based varnish to enable the wood surfaces to retain their natural character and beauty.

I am a beginner DIY, wood worker, hobbyist. Which wood should I get?

African Mahogany, Angsana, Raintree and Pine are good for indoor furniture, general use, kitchen, shelving, toys, etc. Apart from the Pine (which is a softwood), they are also good for purpose such as cutting boards, cheese boards and serving boards. These wood are easy to work with.

Balau, Chengal and Tembusu are hard wood. They are good for outdoor use. These are used for planters, outdoor furniture, deckings etc. The Tembusu is also good for making chopping boards.