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African Mahogany Solid Wood Table Top


African Mahogany Solid Wood Table Top.

Made from our local Khaya tree. Customized to fit your space. Let us build your customized solid wood table to fit your space.

If you are thinking of getting a solid wood table for your dining space, living room or a study table, you can start with us. We know that looking for that perfect size is not easy and we are here to help you. The African Mahogany Solid Wood table top is suitable to be used as your dining table, coffee table or study table.

We build this table using the African Mahogany wood planks. These planks originated from our very own Singapore Khaya trees. The planks have been kiln dried to ensure that the moisture content is suitable for our environment and makes the table durable and longer lasting.

The table top is then sanded finely and you will have the option of having the table top be coated with a premium oil based transparent varnish. You will then have the solid wood dining table or coffee table ready for use!