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Sawn Angsana - 50mm X 200mm


Angsana - Pterocarpus indicus Species 

Singapore local wood. The place where you buy Angsana wood planks in Singapore. 

Thickness : 50mm

Width : 200mm

Length : 3ft, 4ft, 5ft

The Angsana can grow up to 40 meters and is commonly grown in Singapore. Many mature Angsana trees were wiped out in Singapore in the 1980s when they fell victim to a fungal disease, known as Angsana Wilt. The wood varies in colour from light yellow to golden brown to reddish brown. Angsana wood is used for furniture making, cabinets, decorative veneers, interior trimming and novelty items.

The Angsana is really suitable for wood cutting boards and serving boards. It can also be used as your wooden wall shelf. If you are looking to customize or build your own wood table, the Angsana is also a good choice. It will make into a warm, light coloured wood dining table.

If you are a carpenter or a wood worker, the Angsana planks will allow you to create amazing products.

Singapore Local Trees
Sawn, Planed, Kiln Dried
Common Names:  Angsana, Sena

Light yellow to golden brown
Texture:  Moderately Coarse
Grain:  Interlocked and sometimes wavy
Durability:  Moderately Durable (560 - 690kg/m3)
Common Uses: 

Furniture, cabinet, shelves, planking and constructions.