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Teak, Medium Hardwood

Standard Name: Teak (Medium Hardwood)

Family: Verbenaceae

Botanica Name: Tectona grandis

Distribution: Widely planted in plantation forest of Peninsular Malaysia, Sabah and Sarawak. Also available in other countries like Indonesia, but Burmese Teak being the most popular.

General description: Sapwood is yellowish white or pale yellow-brown and is distinct from the heartwood, which is dull yellowish when fresh turning to golden brown or dark greyish brown on exposure often with greyish or dark streaks. The wood has a very pervasive colour when finish.

Grain: Straight, wavy and slightly interlocked

Texture: is rather coarse and uneven.

Common Uses: Very good general-purpose timber, ship decking and boat building, water-contact construction, interior and exterior joinery, high quality furniture, decorative veneer and plywood or musical instrument.


Our recommendation: Naturally resistant to termite attacks, it has become the choice of many household to use teakwood as decking and flooring. Due to its high demand, large pieces are usually pricey and rare.

Most commonly used in joint pieces locally. People use teak for high end customized furniture locally.

Common sizes available:

Commonly available kiln dried pieces are

70mm x 20mm x 4ft – 8ft

95mm x 20mm x 4ft – 8ft


Large size sawn timber of up to 300mm x 50mm width (up to 3m length) are available on request.

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