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Chengal, Heavy Hardwood

Standard Name: Chengal (Heavy Hardwood)

Family: Dipterocarpaceae

Botanica Name: Neobalanocarpus heimii

Distribution: Tree grows under quite a wide range of conditions of soils and topography in Peninsular Malaysia, from low flat semi-swamp hills, but appears to thrive best on undulating land with light sandy soils.

General description: Sapwood is well-defined. When freshly sawn the heartwood is light yellow-brown with a distinct greenish tinge, darkening on exposure to dark purple-brow or rust red.

Grain: interlocked

Texture: is fine and even

Common Uses: Suitable for marine construction, heavy construction, bridges, boat construction, heavy-duty flooring, lorry and truck bodywork and carving work.


Our recommendation:

Commonly used as timber decking and cladding locally. Sizes available in stock are usually rather small in cross-section but can be up to 10-12ft in length.

Resistant to weathering and fungi attack, Chengal can also be used as outdoor furniture which can be found in most parks in Singapore.

Bore holes are commonly found in Chengal which can be aesthetically displeasing if used indoor in its natural colour. Carpenters/Users love to stain it slightly darker in order to hide the bore holes.


Common sizes available:

Commonly available kiln dried pieces are

70mm x 20mm x 4ft – 10ft

95mm x 20mm x 4ft – 10ft

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